I live with a man who has autism but he is high functioning enough that you can't tell unless he says something. but his two kids have autism one a little more high functioning then the other. so in the past 7 months I've gotten to learn a lot about it and he told me once that with the way that I describe that I think and feel about certain things he thinks I'm on the spectrum just very high functioning. Should I get myself tested? maybe that will help me better understand

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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  • LifeAlertForMyBrain


    If you think he may be right, it doesn't hurt because there are so many benefits to having a diagnosis including creating a support system with similar experiences. But if you don't agree, it might not be worth the diagnosis, but understand that we with ASD see patterns others do not, so he may just be trying to help, so it's okay to disagree, but accept his concern for your well being.

  • am0re


    during your journey please look into the discourse over the “low/high functioning” labels! a lot of allistics feel that it is harmful to the community

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