I deal with C-PTSD, anxiety, and major depression. I've been on many meds as well as weekly therapy and EMDR. I find no relief and feel as though my anxiety is higher then ever, I find that my brain is always in a state of confusion that I don't even feel safe to drive.
what Meds, treatments have been effective?
i feel like I've been on so many combinations nothing has worked.
currently just taking Lexapro and mirtazipine, gabapentin, Ambien.
wondering if there is something I have not tried that could be helpful ?

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    Hydroxyzine, any benzodiazepine, buspirone, or CBD/THC are some options. I’d recommend asking your doctor since they know your case more personally. Good luck :)

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    I also have wanted to try thc/cbd but have been scared considering I’m 19 and idk how it would make me feel. But I’ve tried Xanax , klonopan, and Ativan so it couldn’t be worst right

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