im starting to think no one loves me or cares about me anymore. I'm getting bad again and its scary


Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • kat32


    Sending you so much love and warm hugs ❤ The world needs you in it. I am here if you need anyone to talk to.

  • ina


    i'm sorry, it must hurt to feel lonely and hopeless like that. i know it's hard, but i suggest you let yourself feel hurt. trying to fix it is just avoiding the things we don't want to feel. we want to be heard and cared for and loved. and if you feel like you don't have anyone who can do that for you right now, validate yourself, say "this is so difficult, it hurts so much, i feel hopeless, i just want it to go away". letting yourself feel emotions is hard, but it'll bring some sort of relief. it's not important to overcome everything asap, just let it be, it'll be ok<33

  • Roperry2377


    Also sending you hugs, and encouragement, and any thing else you need. You are loved, and cared about. You deserve to be loved and cared about.

  • LyricRainn111


    You’re not alone, I promise. I’m right there with you. ❤️

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