Why is it that id rather think of suicide and hurting mysef than to think its gonna get better or im ok.
I just feel like im lying to myself when i think to myself its worth it or i can do this or its gonna be ok.

I cant do anything about my situation because i cant afford my medication and my family drives me to self harm or self hatred so i have no other option then to sit at my best friends house and let her brother treat me lile shit because i would rather die than go back to my bio family

I have no control over what happens in my life up until weeks ago i didnt even have control over my own Appearance. All i have is a cat because the people around me think i overreact and in reality im just so done with the shit people call life

What do i do? All i can do is sit through the pain because if i kill myself my father calls me a coward and the kids have to find out that im dead in my bedroom and i leave my best friend to deal with shit on her own.

Im trapped. I cant do anything. Im going no where with my life and im sick and tired of hearing shit over the news and loosing more and more faith in humanity by the day.

Anxiety (Including GAD)

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)


Bipolar Disorder

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  • Vulgarflower


    Honestly I relate to you so much. I’m sorry man, I’m really proud of you for staying and sitting through it. Keep pushing! Find your people, find your passion, find things that make life and humanity more beautiful. If u look for the bad things, you’re gonna find them. But the same goes for the good things. If you look for and focus on the good things more I think life becomes a bit more positive. I’m here for you man, you can do this <3

    • Honeybee999


      thank you, thank you sm

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