Does anyone feel stuck with where they are at and want to do things to move forward, but something is just holding you back and you can't seem to find the motivation



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  • PurplePenguin


    OMG yes. I've been trying to push myself to get up and do something and have been failing. It's so hard! I need help but won't reach out for it, I just put on a fake smile and go about my day...

  • Star123


    I can relate to this. I’m tired of being tired. I want to move forward, but it always feels like I’m missing something. I keep feeling when I figure out what this missing piece is, I can finally move forward and change my life for the better. But I’m completely lost. Just taking one day at a time and hoping I find the energy.

  • inloveapples


    yes, majority of the time. it’s so difficult. feeling like you’re reversing rather than moving forward. and of course we all know it’s a pace and of course going back and forth doesn’t mean all the work you’ve done is going to be wasteful — when in fact, it isn’t. it’s just really hard…

  • brit23


    Gosh I relate heavily to this. I have felt so alone lately

    • Bubbles92


      I'm here with you, just know you're not alone

  • IssaMaggie


    All the time. Wish I could figure this out as well

  • TheUglyDuckling


    Speaking to the choir. All except the motivation part.

  • darkstarrynight


    To me, it's less about motivation, and more about determination. When I'm sick and tired of the same thing happening (and I can do something to change it), I'm determined to solve the problem and I don't give up, (even if I get discouraged). Being determined and trying to make a effort towards something, has helped me to reverse my extreme night owl habit. (I understand this may be hard for others to do tho.)

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