I work in retail and I have a position where I'm in charge of Clearance Merchandise. I make sure all the sections are cleaned and shoppable, and whenever I have a file open I have to show up to make sure I put all the new clearance in and get rid of the old (been on the shelf too long or damaged).

I want to be promoted to a better position where I have an area that I'll be in charge of. The problem I'm facing is I want to do it, but my fear is that I'm not gonna be great.

At my work I'm trained everywhere (cashiering, sales floor, backroom, office, flow merchandise out). I feel that I do everything and I continue to feel like I'm stuck. I want to move forward and be better. My management knows I have anxiety, but I feel like that is what they see sometimes when they hear I want to move forward.

I don't know what to do.

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • David1212


    I think you should go with what you feel. If you feel you deserve a promotion, then do it. Being great at work takes time to achieve and you have to remember that the new beginning can be difficult, but just because the beginning is difficult, doesn't mean you should avoid trying to "jump into the water" and move forward in life. I think you can try to have a conversation with your boss, explain to him your concerns and see if there's maybe some way you can start a trial period and see if it suits you or not, and then decide whether to move forward or not.

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