I give up... I'm so tired.. I'm miserable... I don't freaking understand.... I'm trying so hard to do everything that's right or helps ppl or makes them happy.... but yet they still freaking hate me....... so freaking done...........

Anxiety (Including GAD)


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  • AlexaRoberts


    Focus on yourself make yourself happy first. Its not selfish to think of yourself first when it comes to your mental health. Don't let anyone bring you down and make you feel this way

  • RAwarrior94


    tell me, what are 3 things you enjoy doing? If you think of 3, now think of 5. If the people you surround yourself with don't or won't join in or take interest in when you talk about those things- then they're the wrong people. i started to think of things that way and it did take some time, but first take time to figure out what you need. have you always felt alone? think about what you were doing before you started feeling that way. did your environment change, family dynamics, illnesses, etc. can all cause that shift. i spent so much time trying to help everyone else that it wore me out and i almost ended up in the hospital because i couldn't say no. i couldn't take a breather. recently i started using the Balance app for meditation and it isn't always helpful when I'm feeling alone but it gets me focused on something other than feeling that. if that makes sense. i hope you don't give up on yourself. im also certain that no one truly hates you. feel free to send me a chat if you ever want someone to listen =)

    • HoneyBunFrosting


      ❤️ I really really appreciate it

  • Sarahjean


    Hold on, i promise

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