Why does it feel like nothing is ever going to be ok ever again? It feels like one hard time leads right into another with no brake. Since 2020 it's been something after another. I was disabled then two of my aunt's passed away then I graduated highschool then fights with my family then abuse partners it just hasn't stopped and I want it to. I want to feel ok again but I don't know if I ever will be again. How do I make it ok?



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  • NatalieJane


    You make it ok by avoiding the unhealthy things in life. Easier said than done. Focus on what you like. EXPLORE. It's sounds plain but if you are doing what you like and avoid negativity, you will eventually start to work on yourself and it will feel so worth it.

  • whentomorrowcomes


    Hey kitty, the best advice i can give you is you cant make everything okay honey, but you can focus on making you okay. I know thats easier said than done, but you are not responsible for how people do or do not react. You are not responsible for others and unfortunately cannot change them. Its not something that happens overnight, its slow and painful; but one day youll wake up and wont feel that tightness in your chest, wont feel the dizziness from all your thoughts hitting you at once. 💕

  • KatieKitKat


    Like they said! And take it one step at a time. Go at your own pace whether that be a couple hrs, a day, days, a week, or weeks. Just take it slow

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