having such a rare disorder in Nerofribrometosis(NF2) sometimes makes me feel so isolated. it's something I wish more people knew about so I had someone to relate and talk to...
I grow non cancerous tumors along my nerves.... Elephant man had a serve form among his aliments.


Neurofibromatosis (NF)

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  • SmileySnail


    I have heard of it, and have read a little bit, although I don't have the condition myself. What symptoms do you suffer from due to it?

    • Tuesdayk9


      well I get tumors throughout my body, they look like purple moles and usually aren't bad. But I do have what they call a mask in my optic kasim(behind my eyes) which causes me to have my sevre migraines

      • SmileySnail


        oh, migraines are terrible, I'm sorry they're coming from your NF. I imagine there's a lot that can happen with nerve tumors. You can always talk to me about whatever you want. I don't have NF but I'll always listen!

  • Fldreamer



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