so lonely. I hate being a night person. there's nobody here


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  • SourLemons


    i don't have much of a sleep cycle so i feel the same whenever i'm up at quiet hours. it's a crushing loneliness. sending you a big hug, OP ♡

  • 0_crimcrow_0


    Same here, I stay up most nights I remember my past relationships or my darkest moments that still haunt me but I try to find someone I could stay up with so I can feel happy/safe

  • Tist


    Reading through these made me realize my delayed sleep cycle could be worse. Because while of course I hate how societal norms make us have to fight our natural rhythms to live "normal" lives I don't really struggle with the loneliness of late nights. I have always been a ln introvert and loved the quiet blanket of darkness the night brings. The thought of both the night and day bringing two different types of constant distress is awful and my heart goes out to any that suffer on a constant bases because of this. And if you want, I'll keep you company.

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