hi - I have multiple chronic conditions but what is most discouraging is fatigue



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  • katzgoddessa


    I completely agree. It sidelines you and sometimes if feels like your missing out on enjoying life. And no one except someone's with near identical fatigue gets you or how you feel.

  • GypsyGirl53


    Yes!!! It’s so frustrating. It’s horrible when it hits me out of the blue I’m going and going and I’m fine and then boom I had a wall and I can’t do anything but lay down

  • Margaret_E



  • Drewsdad08


    Yes it is. I hardly ever feel like I got enough sleep. I’m exhausted and in pain and headachy most of every workday. I take medication including anxiety med, synthroid, anti seizure medicine as well as Tylenol. I also have Gerd and IBS. Life is no fun

  • katzgoddessa


    But it's never boring!

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