Mysterious ankle and foot pain started maybe 8 mos ago. Going to a podiatrist on Monday for my first visit. The Pain gets SO severe that I'm unable to walk.

Pain in joint, ankle and foot

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  • ChristineD


    Me too. I was put on a statan over a month ago. Blood pressure med I think. Started to get joint pain in my legs and turned so painful that I had to go to the ER with so much pain I could barely walk. I feared a blood clot. After 6 hours i was waiting and getting test done, the PA said I was fine but told me to stop the med. The next day I go to the doc and they said it shouldn't be the med. I have been off of it for 3 days. I can walk better but still joint pain.

  • rezz_berry


    This happened to me for a few years. Both feet, it is once in a blue moon, on and off. Been to doctors & no help. Been to the ER, gave me crutches and a physical therapist. A rheumatologist came and injected cortisone in my ankle. Started physical therapy last year for a month & it helped temporarily. I just got the pain again & the pt exercises aren’t helping!

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