how can someone feel so alone even if they have plenty of people they consider friends?

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)


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  • mashed_potato


    I get this feeling a lot, I'm not sure what the root cause is but it might be my belief that no one knows the true me or that I can't form deep connections with people

  • Bumbling_Bee


    I definitely get this. You're definitely not alone in this feeling and it's absolutely valid. Just because you have people doesn't mean you will feel like you do. Mental illness grabs onto you and convinces you of things that aren't true and makes you feel terrible. It is absolutely reasonable to feel this way. My only advice is to spend time with people when you can and when you get those feelings acknowledge them, realize they're real but also a product of mental illness, and tell yourself you are not alone even if you feel alone.

  • sabbymer


    You just know they arnt specifically *your* people. The ones that understand you the best. Sometimes I get lonely for certain people I know. I'm not trying to say I categorize people I think it's just an abandonment issue thing.

  • Leese


    I feel alone all the time and I live with 4 people. I especially feel alone when I am sitting right next to my husband and he is always too busy on his all the time and all day long and no it is not for work soon

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