what different things/test do you do yearly? I get MRI's every 2 years.

Neurofibromatosis (NF)

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  • EleanorRigby


    I get an annual MRI and MRA scan, blood pressure and osteoporosis monitoring.

  • Pistachio


    I used to get them a lot more often. I get them every 2-4 years now

  • Pistachio


    I get them about every 4ish years now.

  • Greeneyes


    I have to do spinal and brain once a year. In fact Jan 27th I am doing

  • Asheree93


    I have MRIs and meet with a neurologist about every two to three years now. For most of my childhood, I went every year. I also see a specialty ophthalmologist since my NF affects my one eye.

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