this rhinitis flares up oftenky and effects my eyes mainly. my eyes are sometimes gritty, very very itchy, red sometimes, and in the inside corners of my eyes hurts badly the bone does. I was told it's a mucus build up that causes that pain. all my medications only work for like no more than 2 weeks and the aggravation starts all over. I also use a steamer machine as well humidifier

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  • Fharra1904


    The specialist I go to did a procedure called balloon sinuplasty and to be honest it worked. I can breathe bette and stop all that pressure behind my eyes. I am still taking some medications because my allergy is chronic but it has improved.

  • Ena


    Sounds like your have eye allergies. My eyes get so bad that grit builds up so I can't even open them. My doc prescribed me Azelastine HCI,. Works great.

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