these fibro flares I believe are getting worse . and can't find a doctor that will even help me


Fibromyalgia (FM)

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  • JustRachelle


    What kind of doctors have you seen?

  • Oouchthathurts


    I’m so sorry, that is definitely rough your not alone though. Try calling your insurance and have them assist you in looking for a doctor in Rheumatology/ Pain Management they might be better to assist you. Talk to your PCP too. I’m sorry to have to say this but you have to become your own best advocate for YOU! Make sure you reach out to your PCP they should be helping you navigate thru the healthcare system.

  • Hank


    Find a DO instead of an MD. I see my regular doctor more than my rheumatologist these days. She helps relieve my pain through touch.

  • jackchi


    My regular doctor and Rhematologist.. He referred me back to my regular doctor and said to take Anti-depressants for my fibro. Which hasn't worked

  • Sexycop


    I first went thru my pcp who was able to send me to pain mgmt and when I finally got into my rheumatologist I could move all my meds from pain mgmt to him. Flares suck even with meds tho. I’m on Lyrica and cymbalta. Plus tramadol and more. I won’t take narcs they just don’t work. I do take antidepressants but for anxiety and sleep. I’m just a walking pharmacy!

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