Has anyone ever had any abdominal migraines? I think I've had a few of them, and, they've freaked me out every time because I didn't know wtf was going on. It took me more than a few times having them and even now I'm not so sure that they were in fact abdominal migraines. It felt like a big brick in my stomach, it wouldn't move at all. They'd last for a whole day at least, and I'd be sore after. I also struggle with normal migraines and other headaches. Though I almost feel like a freak because every source online says they mostly only show up in younger kids--and I'm definitely not a young kid, these started in my mid teen years.

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  • Illaoi


    I'm not a kid. I had normal kid Abdominal migraines when I was little... and then nothing as a teenager and then they suddenly reappeared very severe in my late 20s. I have all the classic migraine symptoms but no head pain. I throw up, feel a lot of Abdominal pain, light sensitivity, ear ringing, muscle weakness, and even the Alice in wonderland sensation. It gets so bad sometimes I can't even manage to take a sip of water because my body has taken over. I sometimes feel silly too since there isn't much research on adults having Abdominal migraines. People also think it's great I don't have had pain but for me I'd rather have the head pain than what I do have. It feels like my brain is just tearing itself apart.

  • Smeow


    I didn't start to get them chronically until my early 20s. Looking back I did have them as a kid but they were not nearly as often or as severe and were just dismissed as stomach aches. I think a lot of the time things that are stomach related are so hard to diagnose that it is underdiagnosed in adults. I get the ear ringing, Alice in wonderland sensations, and light/sound sensitivity as well. I agree IIIaoi it is so difficult to deal with and I would rather have the head pain. I feel so out of control all the time 😥

  • Ducky_gremlin


    I've had plenty of abdominal migraines and you can actually be diagnosed with it specifically if the problem persists. Personally, I find laying with a heat pad on my stomach to help a ton!

  • Tori13


    My freshman year of highschool I started having abdominal migraines practically everyday. For me it made me feel miserable I was constantly throwing up and missing so much school because I felt as if my stomach was going to explode. I kept going to doctors but they all kept telling me nothing was wrong and asking if I was just faking it and actually had an eating disorder (I had lost over 30 pounds purely from vomiting). It took me 2 years to finally find a doctor who told me that it was called abdominal migraines and got me on medicine that helped. So it definitely doesn't only happen in children and from personal experience it can last a long time and feel absolutely terrible. You should ask your doctor if they think that's what it is though just in case.

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