Anyone else with simular issues have digestive issues as well? I'm never taken seriously and gaslit as I'm plus sized despite eating as possible. I'm healthy and my blood tests etc check out every year.


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  • 21pcs


    I have lots of constipation but I eat like shit

  • LauraA


    I have GI issues any stress brings it on. I am also plus sized. Find a few people who can be a tribe. 💕

  • bomb


    I gaslight myself 😅

  • Cece7


    It’s very common to have stomach issues along side mental illnesses. Especially IBS! I was told last year a lot of my stomach problems were probably due to that. Not cool that they aren’t listening to you due to other factors. Some doctors can be very judgmental and it clouds their ability to diagnose properly. I hope you’re able to find better doctors who treat you well!

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