This started approximately 6 months ago with a small round dry scaly sore on my right breast and after a couple of months it rapidly started looking infected; while a oblong lump formed in my right breast becoming sore and tender. Thus far throughout tests of mammogram and biopsy, no one has answers about the infected looking sore?? Can anyone possibly answer? Thank you

Breast Cancer

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    I was in the shower and I was doing my self check of my Breast I found a huge Knot shaped like a spear in my right Breast it hurted alot and stead hot so I called my OBGYN to get app. So they looked at it scheduled me for Mammogram was the worst day of my life when I went and got it I went from the Mammogram room to next room to it a few Biceps then I had to wait 2 weeks to find out I was depressed on edge trying to not think the worsted boy was I deal a real blow that I have Breast Caner I cried alot at frist but I also talked to God about it I stood on my faith and promises that GOD HAS given me

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