Hi, new to the group. I've had RA for 11 years. This year is tough. I'm waiting to start new meds and am discovering pain, nodules. I'm afraid I won't be able to work.

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  • asnowkitty


    Hi Daisy. One of the hardest things to hear is that we are unable to work. My name is Bev and I haven't been able to work since 2014

  • RetiredRN


    Hi Daisy. I was forced to retire after being an RN for over 30 years. I have retired in Feb 2021. It has been easier to manage my pain, but had to adjust to decreased income.

  • NJRaine


    I moved to an area of the country where I could find work. Unfortunately by the time I got there I couldn't work. The pain in my fingers, knees and back I couldn't move any part of my body!! I, too had nodules on both elbows and feet. Within 5 months (after trial and error with different meds) I was able to work again. The nodules eventually went away after about a year. I just started Humira injections in March and continuing MTX. I am finally at 95 percent!! Be patient, give it time...it will get better with the right doc. You are a warrior!!! Hang in there and you will defeat it. Best of luck. You are not alone.

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