Does anyone here with hEDS have any experiences/tips/safety considerations surrounding riding roller coasters? My friend is going to be celebrating their birthday in a few weeks, and we're planning on going to an amusement park with a few other friends. I haven't been on a roller coaster since before my diagnosis, mainly because Id been in too much pain to go to an amusement park in general, and the last time I rode one the harness dislocated my shoulder during an abrupt stop and my pain was a lot worse after (but it was also a very rough wooden coaster which I think contributed a lot to the pain).
I've been in physical therapy for a few years now and my joints are a lot more stable than they were the last time I rode one, but idk how much that would change things. I'm planning on asking my PT about it when I see her this week, but I thought I'd see if anyone else has any input on the subject.
I won't be super disappointed if my pt says it's not safe, as my partner doesn't like riding rollercoasters and the group is planning on spending most of the time exploring the park together and seeing different attractions and birthday friends only wants to ride a few coasters, so I won't really feel left out as it's not the main thing we'll be doing.

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  • roksuh


    It's gonna be a lot of walking usually too. With my hEDS I bring a cane if I have to walk a lot. I have never really had roller coaster problems unless it seems like they jerk you around a lot. My neck is super sensitive and so usually I like rides you can brace your head back against something.

  • sarubun


    that's really helpful! Thank you! I was planning to take lots of breaks while there, but I think I'll also ask my pt about using either my cane and/or if I should maybe reserve a park wheelchair in case I need it (my partner suggested it last week and offered to push it for me but I didn't think I'd need it. I just looked up the park and it's way bigger than I was expecting so it might be a good option)

  • Kae92


    Bring a cane and go to guest services to get a disability pass. When I went to Disney this was a life saver. Also rides with padded seats are going to be better.

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