I eat so much junk almost everyday I start to feel nausea so much after and I hate it I'm really worried about my health I just wanna eat normally :(

Binge eating disorder

Nausea and Vomiting


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  • pvnkg1rl75


    Ask your doctor about Vyvanse or Phentermine for binge eating disorder. It may help you be less hungry and eat less.

  • HoneyMelon


    I used to eat and eat so much that I felt nauseous, I was diagnosed with binge eating disorder back in 2018 when I gained over 60 pounds in a year because I just couldn't stop eating, I tried everything but I was constantly hungry and eating made me feel safe and in control. I started Vyvanse 4 months ago and it completely changed my life, I'm no longer hungry all the time and I honestly don't really crave food much at all, I eat meals but never want seconds or lots of snacks. I'm happy to say that I've now lost a total of 26 pounds this year and am hoping to lose more

    • Rbees


      how do I know if vyvanse is right for me?

      • HoneyMelon


        not exactly sure, I talked to my psychiatrist and she prescribed it

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