how are you treating your IBD? I need new suggestions! TIA

Crohn's Disease (IBD) Inflammatory Bowel Disease

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  • CheleKelly


    I’m on Humira and try to stay as stress free as I can but it’s hard .

  • Cam4767


    I am on Remicade, every 8wk, and like CheleKelly I also try to be mindful of stress/anxiety as that is my biggest symptom trigger. I also watch my intake of certain foods that I know bother me like corn/corn products, raw fruit/vegetables, sugar, and anything spicy. For me personally I can have these things but in moderation. If I feel my symptoms flaring, I go back to a more bland/easily digested diet until they ease. I have had IBD (Crohn’s) since 2010 so it’s honestly just been a ton of trial and error!

  • hyadesnymph


    im on entyvio every 8 weeks i believe and im in deep remission

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