is it normal for day 1 of Prozac to be hard?


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  • Luna93


    It depends on the person. A lot of people have some temporary side effects when starting a new SSRI med. If it’s really bad (intolerable side effects or suicidal ideation) definitely call your provider.

  • Mamalaur


    Very normal. To be honest I stopped taking medication and stick to a holistic way of healing because the side affects of the medications for me personally were worse than the reason why I got on them

  • MultiMato


    I had some problems like dizziness and vertigo for about a week before I saw positive effects. It seems to be perfectly normal to struggle at first.

  • GigiD89


    I remember taking Effexor and ending up in the ER with the worst side effects. I moved on to the next medication. My doctor used to tell me that the goal is to have zero side effects Mine are side effects are fine, but if you are feeling horrible and it’s probably not for you. If the side effects get worse, give them a call

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