I'm starting college in about a week. It's going to be a crazy schedule with 19 credit hours this semester!
I need help setting and sticking to a schedule. What apps and tips help you manage time? I get stuck in dissociation loops way too often, and procrastinate waaay too much. I can't afford to do that soon :(
Also looking for apps/tips to help work out, specifically with no weights/equipment/etc. maybe yoga, but almost all yoga apps I've seen are $$$.

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  • Jimmyjam


    Idk about apps. But with yoga it can def be free if you can be conscious enough to teach yourself. There are so many free yoga videos on YouTube. (Yoga for beginners fight master yoga, yoga with Adrian) I will also look up poses for relief of any parts of my body that are in pain, which brings me a lot of instant gratification and anxiety relief. I'm currently adding to my routine. I started small with brushing my teeth every morning. Now I brush my teeth, do yoga, study, and journal daily. Working on meditation time daily too. I'm starting school too so I know I'll have to make myself do more things, so I'd love advice about weekly scheduling.

  • alienbaby


    Does your college have accomodation/disability services?? They may have some helpful tips and advice, or can help make things less difficult for you!! Having a dry erase calender has really helped with me for scheduling/visuals. That and making lists of what needs to get done that day from most to least important. All the best

  • Basil


    I'm doing classes entirely online! So accessing on campus resources is possible just not probable. It's mostly shut down in person due to covid. I do really like the idea of an eraseable whiteboard calendar!

  • alienbaby


    Ooooh okay, I wonder what kind of accommodations they would have for online, might be worth checking 🤔 but I understand it's tough. but that's great!! I have seen some at 5 below, target and thrift stores that are relatively inexpensive 🤗

  • Chrysanthemumbee


    Planner and set timers for everything!

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