How have you found other autistic and/or neurodivergent friends? Do you find your friendships with them to be more meaningful than those with neurotypicals?

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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  • AshandFyre


    I have a best friend that has Autism, his names Wren. They are like family to me ✋👍

  • Raven033


    My life long best friend and I didn’t even know we were neurodivergent until last year, we just clicked really well during our childhood

  • NatashaRomanoff2021


    My mom's best friend has a son who has Autism, and I babysitt a little boy who also has Autism. I love the fact that they and their family understand me and, also planning things is easier since we have some of the same struggles.

  • Carolm


    I have 1 friend with autism and one without 💕

  • castiel


    Ive had several autistic friends, all of them found out after our friendship started. We just kinda stuck? Idk how to explain it. I only have two autistic friends currently and we dont honestly talk much but theres still an obvious friendship ❤️

  • Gingysnao


    In real life I have no neurodivergent friends. I’m also not very open about it to people that are newer in my life

  • Overcomer


    Yes. I have one real friend who is autistic too and friendship is more meaningful

  • YanksTMP


    I have alot of so called "typical" friends but none who have the same disorder. I really wish i could find people like that so we can become friends. I would love to understand what their journey was like.

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