why is it so hard to find happiness or love when you are un sure of I feel good at times but im like a thunderstorm sunny one min n cloudy the NEXT...I often wonder if its me 48
no husband
no bf
no friends
no nothing
im tired of going to weddings n tired of hearing bout other other people's happiness it just gets on my nerves like where's my happiness where's my love I can never find leader because nobody wants me and it's kind of understandable because I'm not an easy person to get along with but I tried to be everybody's friend but that never works out either either they want to fight me or kill me or something one of the above both of the above it's like I'm just here waiting on my time they expire but I don't know maybe it's just me the way I think I tried to change the way I think but they don't work either I try to tell her tell my doctor about it that don't work either all he cares about is paycheck and what can I prescribe you today so let me get this this up maybe this will work if not let me know and I'll grab you something else it's like I don't know my talk-to-text is saying a bunch of different stuff than what I'm actually saying my talk-to-text don't even know what I'm saying I don't either

Bipolar Disorder

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  • Storme25


    I get jealous sometimes too and feel I'm too different for everyone the only friend I really had was my mom after she died I've felt and still feel miserable

  • Saffhyermoon


    Do you see a psychiatrist or someone specifically for mental health?

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