How do you handle feeling "over it" when you're have a pain flare up and nothing seems to help?

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  • Bruxine


    I tend to analyze why I’m in pain overthinking anything that could have began the flare or relive it. Emotional stress & relief of such has been key. Oxytocin helps break my pain cycles so that hormone boosting activities are a key component helpful tool. I’m in unmanaged pain daily, there’s a lot of anger & frustration. Walking through it verses trying to avoid has helped as well. A feeling fully felt shifts. Time.

  • roxylynn


    This sounds silly, but I take a nap. My body needs the rest and my mind usually does too. Grab a heating pad and my passion meds and try to take deep breaths. Sorry you feel like this 🤍

  • JustRachelle


    Roxylynn I go the same! I just try to relax.. a nice shower/bath and nap.. maybe a good movie or something

  • will24


    literally just sleep. it's the only thing that makes the pain go away these days :((

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