Sometimes I feel like my doctors don't believe me. I feel like my Neurologist thinks I'm making things up. Anyone else?

Disorders of The Nervous System

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  • Amelia1998


    Hey I’m sorry you’re going through this. Before I was diagnosed with FND I basically got told by doctors for over a year that I was crazy :/ hang in there. I had to switch providers a lot of times before I found a doc willing to listen. If it’s any solace to you I believe you. Keep your chin up and keep fighting you’ll get through this

  • r0tt3n_c0rps3


    I completely understand what you mean. it took a very long time for anyone to believe me. i was heavily misdiagnosed with many conditions and i was medicated for them. but eventually you will find someone who will listen, just know that it’s not in your head and what you are experiencing is real and the hardships you are going through are real

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