For those who have clinical depression; how has it affected your social life? I'm an optimist and extrovert but it's made interacting with others hard.


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  • UnluckyUnicorn


    I basically fall off the planet to others. I forget to text back or it’s too much energy. I only leave the house when absolutely necessary. I’m an ambivert who likes doing things with people but also has social anxiety so the combination in of itself is hard to deal with. I hate being in-genuine with people but I also feel like no one would actually want to be around me when I’m really depressed because I find things like happiness so fleeting if they exist at all. It’s isolating but you’re not alone ❤️

  • Mila


    First it made me meet less with my friends because everything felt boring and just meaningless. I just recently told one of my friends about my depression and it actually made us even closer. I wish I could tell it to all of my friends, it's just so hard and embarrassing.. Honestly I think it makes everything easier after, without the need to hide your true self.

  • Sam_the_Spoonie


    Makes it hard for me to have the energy to pretend I’m not super depressed and not just lie on the ground like a deflated balloon

  • KitKat13140


    It gets really hard for me to text people back even if I try really hard to; And since I mostly have online relationships, its made things really hard for me. Ive lost a lot of friends and have become really lonely even though I really dont mean to :\

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