probably out of context.. my dad committed suicide 4 weeks ago and I'm having such a hard time coping. my dad and me were very close and ive been in a hole since.. I just want to call him and talk to him and hear his voice.. how do I cope? how do I get better?


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  • Declan


    Im having a very difficult time too, i haven't quite figured out how to cope for me. But, whats helped is being around people, hanging out with friends who are supportive. When my aunt passed, it was beyond shocking and difficult. I took long walks, meditated, talked to ppl, made sure every day i was at least trying to get out side or something. And when I did think of her, i contemplated all the good memories, and even talked tp myselfas if she was there, chatting back with me. Cry, let your emotions flow, def dont bottle it up. Time will help, while it wont be quick healing, itll get better. I hear some people take up a new hobby as one

  • Girlmom0818


    My grandpa and I were close like that too before he passed away 12 years ago. I found and still find it helpful for me to write him letters. I have a binder filled of them.

  • cypresz


    first off, i want to extend my condolences. losing someone close to you from suicide is never an easy thing, and i don’t think it will Ever be easy. time does make fresh wounds slight easier, but it’s definitely not going to work quickly enough right now. you deserve to mourn them properly and let yourself go through the motions of the grieving process. let yourself cry, do things you both loved doing together, if anything, and spend time with other family, if even possible. i know “getting better” isn’t on the table right now, but i hope managing this pain can be. good luck friend, i’m rooting for you <3

  • Frejya


    I lost one of my best friends to suicide 4 years ago -- I know how it feels right now, I know how much it hurts but I can tell you that time is a truly great healer. It may take a while and you'll always miss them, always feel an ache when reminded but it will get easier. Sooner or later, the hole they left behind will begin to stitch itself back together 🖤🖤🖤

  • BombLion


    I can't imagine losing someone to suicide, and I'm grateful I haven't had to. It's been said a million times but time really does heal all wounds. Honestly there's nothing helpful I can say that other people haven't already in this comment section but my heart goes out to you and your loved ones.

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