so I've been obese since I was in elementary school, and have become morbidly obese since then. I was always fat and was told by doctors to eat better and exercise (this was back when the food pyramid was in rotation still) both were extremely difficult for me to do because I was so out of shape I struggled to breath when exercising, and we were too poor to afford anything healthy. when I was in junior high I learned about my fitness pal (iykyk) and began calorie counting, nothing too extreme just yet. we still weren't stocking healthy foods so I still wasn't eating great but I was more physically active. in highschool I was dieting and exercising more consistently, but still no results. when I was 17 I was finally diagnosed with pcos. I changed my routine to match what people were saying worked for them, but it never worked for me. I never really lost weight, I just would keep it consistently at one spot during these times. I was over 300 pounds when i started my senior year, and I tried everything I could to loose weight, but again still not weight loss. I've kind of given up at this point cause I can't find anyone who's had this problem too. the rest of my family are all in good shape, at a healthy weight and never having problems when it comes to loosing weight when they need to, and the family who I might ve been able to ask about has been dead longer than I've been alive. I'm losing my mind, because when I was researching potential programs through my doctors office all I could find was surgery options. and when I talked to my doctor the other day she recommended me to a doctor who specializes in selecting and preparing the right surgery. I don't want to get any kind of surgery done because i barely turned 18, and I know people who have gotten it and it not helped. I don't know what to do, and I feel so alone right now.

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