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I been having a hard time as it been 3 years since my friends passed away.One passed away in July she was sexual assault and took her life. The other one was my best friend he took his life in August .To top it all off my cousin passed away in July from heart problems. its taking a toll on me as I am sad and depression. The end of the quarter and I have a big project coming up that I have to get done before Wednesday when I try to work on it I put it off and then get too sad to do it.How do I deal with grief and still get stuff done?


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    What works for me might not work for someone else but maybe split the work into chunks and work on a chunk at a time taking breaks in between if needed. I find that if I set short goals it's easier to get them done and I can do multiple at a time. If you can skip breaks that might help because it keeps your brain in that study mode you tried so hard to get into. I hope that made sense and I'm so sorry for your loss. Take the summer to try and recover if you can.

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