I hate Covid. My mother and 2 kids tested positive. we all had it about this time in 2020....we live together. I have been home from the hospital 2 weeks for asthma issues and now I am literally surrounded by Covid. My anxiety is through the roof. I'm not sure if I feel like crap because I'm anxious, the asthma, having Covid symptoms, or some combination. But mostly I'm angry. I'm angry cause I have another loss day of pay due to Covid...I'm angry cause my kid had to cancel their pulmonary appointment from damage done the last time. I'm angry cause my mothers lungs have scar tissue from the last time and it makes it harder for her to kick off respiratory problems. I'm angry cause my daughter's schizophrenic limits the medications she can take to make her comfortable. And honestly Im pissed that the rest of the world seems not to care that this is still going around and more concerned about being uncomfortable or how they look in a mask or don't give two shits about other people to take precautions or just want to go back to a normal, that honestly is toxic for most folk. we could have used this time to make a better healthier world but instead we just want the one that put us in this mess in the first place... rant over



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  • Nebhuskergal


    Sending you a hug and prayers … this has been so hard for so many 😢

  • Leeroxa


    I have long haul covid and it is a nightmare. I was in ICU for a long time. I am so with you.

  • Marjo


    I’m so sorry! COVID is a monster for sure! Try to think and focus on one thing at a time!. Attempt to find the smallest positive and grab hold of it! Positivity can really help!! Talk to a counselor for a sounding board! Remember a persons mood is contagious!

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