something that helps me cope is to listen to music! i’m going to use this post to list my favorite music artists because i just love them so much
will wood, ghost, tally hall, miracle musical, glass animals, lady gaga, lemon demon, metallica, nirvana, live, yes, dave matthews, mother mother, bo en, and jack stauber!
my favorite vocaloid producers are kikuo, maretu, pinocchio p, hachi, machigerita, nashimoto, inabakumori, kairiki bear, teniwoha, nilfruits, hachiya nanashi, harumaki gohan, mushi p, hiiragi kirai, john, ghost and pals, utsu p, neru, and surii! i know i listen to a lot but i kid you not i know like almost all of everyone’s songs 😭 i had to ramble to distract my brain lmao, feel free to list your favorite music artists as well!

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  • inloveapples


    yes, it’s so lovely! also not sure if it’s just me but when I listen to music (depending on genre) I see certain colours beginning to surround me. the way memories and emotions weaved together with serene or chilling words and tunes… it’s surely a beautiful thing and feeling. i’m glad you can express and ramble about music you’re interested in!

    • redd4now


      yes!! my brain always creates images and colours and scenes according to the music i’m listening to!!

  • weathergirl


    yess ! i love tally hall, miracle musical, lemon demon, bo en, and jack stauber too !!! :] something about their music makes my brain happy

    • redd4now


      i know right!! they just music so well..

  • redd4now


    i forgot to put i don’t know how but they found me in the list 😭😭

  • AlucardHellsing


    Metallica, Alice in chains, staind, $Boys (Grey 59), night lovell, jimmi hendrix, Toby Keith, skrillex, deadmau5, monstercat, aerochord, etc

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