So much going on I don't know how much more I can take. Long story short: my dad in hospital after hip surgery and he had a stoke and died now its all up n down, my hubby od and is in mental place since Tuesday n won't be home till sometime next week, we moved down to Oklahoma from Missouri living with my mom who just seems to care only about money dad and herself. Since we moved my hubby can't contact or see his other daughter. My ex served me for motion to modify n in it made me sound like an unfit mother and I'm going crazy not seeing my boys.


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  • tripleamom


    So sorry to hear all of this. I would suggest if possible to seek help to maybe prevent your mind from being overwhelmed. And some meditation may help to calm the mind, and try to only tackle what you have the control to change. We cant change whats not in our control. And think about everything one day at a time. 🙏

  • amandasnyder588


    Get help mentally. Document everything. See if the courts won't get a court issued app and only contact him through that app. Parental alienation is a horrible thing to do.

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