[i'm 16 bio female] i tested positive for autism but my psychologist said it was a false positive because my background doesn't line up. i thought i would be relieved but i'm just incredibly upset because she said it was the depression and anxiety but that just doesn't make any sense to me. i hate it. my mom didn't mention how much i hated tags, how i refused to wear jeans, how i cried because i didn't fucking want to be a cheerleader, how i couldn't sleep in the car no matter how late, how i was so awkward around everyone other than select people.

this isn't even the only thing she said but it's the only thing that doesn't make any sense to me.


Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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  • Beeble


    I'd try to find a different psychologist, honestly.

  • Miyuki


    I think it’s def positive especially since you’ve noticed traits since childhood. And I feel like some people don’t like to acknowledge autism in certain people and always blame anxiety and depression but the thing is that both anxiety and depression usually are comorbidities with autism so it’s not unlikely

    • QuinnOMT


      Absolutely this! Got diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder when I was 4, and 24 years later--severe depression and maybe undiagnosed anxiety + CPTSD. Comorbidities can, and I find they often do, make autism diagnoses even harder to spot.

  • YellowEeyore23


    I’d go to a different person mate, autism is also hard to diagnose but I feel like you’d best fit finding someone else

  • wise


    the thing about an autism assessment is that it's not like a pregnancy test where you can get a false positive lmao. they probably asked your parents a bunch of questions, which I always think is stupid because if your parents had noticed anything off or weird, you would've been assessed WAY before now. get a second opinion, but don't let them talk to your parents this time. your past really doesn't matter since you'll behave the same way you did back then, and a good psychologist/psychiatrist will be able to see that without knowing what your behavior was like from the perspective of your neurotypical, probably ableist parents

    • Duckyqueen123


      my Mom and all my teachers all noticed from pre-k to 12 but my mom could never afford the evaluation bc Medicaid refused help pay to do it. I'm just saying maybe her mom couldn't afford it. I'm still waiting for an evaluation bc Medicaid won't help pay for it unless my therapists recommends me or whatever.

      • Romeo


        my parents would've been able to afford it, however they probably didn't notice anything off because i have two older siblings that acted the exact same way i did.

  • twizabeth


    This happened to me too. I had to get my mother involved to get a history (yikes, did not want to include her in this diagnosis) but it allowed me to get validated with an autism diagnosis. I figure it's difficult to diagnose, and even more difficult if you're older and female (I was 21 and am female). Look past the one doctor and understand yourself. That's the best you can do in this situation. I'm sorry for your struggles.

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