do you pick less when you look in the mirror more often?

Dermatitis factitia

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  • PEPhoenix


    I find too much time in a mirror to be very triggering honestly.

  • Mr._Meow


    I tend to pick more around my facial area when i look in the mirror. I recommend looking in the mirror when your in a rush and not when your bored.😊👍

  • mothspark


    I nearly only pick (my face) in the mirror. (Legs are different bc i can see that) but unless i have open lesions on my face, i tend not to start picking unless im in a mirror. Its super frustrating when people in my house tell me to stop picking, especially when im actively doing it, but if i assign someone to time me/gently help me ease off, i can (sometimes) do it less. More like an accountability buddy than a demanding person

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