I have had a chronic dry hacking allergic cough for about 20 years. My lungs are totally clear and nobody has been able to figure it out. I think it may have started when I went through old photos and letters that were full of mold and mildew. the only thing I can do is take a Vicodin before I go somewhere where my coughing would disturb everyone


Chronic cough

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  • Magnus


    Im having similar issues. It could be possible that it could be chronic neurogenic cough. There's a recently discovered treatment called superior laryngeal nerve block for this. I'm considering it

    • wolflup


      is it meds ?

      • Pudder


        no, it is shots into the nerves in the neck, specifically the vagus nerve, that block the nerve's impulses to cough. I had it done at Mayo last year and it did nothing for me but cause hoarseness when singing after awhile. Apparently, it has worked well for some, just not for me.

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