How do you deal with feeling like no one knows or cares what you are going through and you don't have any support?


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  • BlueeyedSnowBunny


    It's hard. I struggle with this too. I TRY (key operative word) to focus on remembering when me were there for me because that's what I want to attract. Hoping someone else might offer better suggestions for you. 🤗

  • Chayse


    I really don’t know how to deal with it lol. I wanted to die the last 2 days. The first day I did squats until I couldn’t stand up, then when to sleep and woke up okay. The second day I ran away and hiked to the top of a mountain in very hot weather and god sent like 45mph winds at me that felt amazing lol. But yea I’ve learned to only care about myself (of course serve others) and only work on myself. So when ever I get mad or sad I just run away into nature or go to sleep.

  • MoonFairy


    Therapy helps me with this and surrounding myself with empathetic people, who while they don’t understand, they do care.

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