So is it just a thing now that doctors don't tell you when they diagnose you with something??? My primary dx my with POTS when I was 17 and I didn't find out until I was 21. Now I happen to look at my dxs online and see I was officially diagnosed with chronic fatigue last September! WTF??? Is that not something I should have been informed of???


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  • Denotchka


    Yes it is and no it's normal to tell a patient. Make the dietary changes you need to make and don't stop. Alot of that is dietary and food allergy based as well as immune system based. Do your homework.

  • SourLemons


    i don't really know what the exact protocol on communicating diagnoses are. my therapist never really told me what she thought i had clinically, and i found out the exact diagnosis online, too. i don't think she meant it maliciously, though. just how it happens, which can be pretty frustrating people going through specific conditions. sorry to hear that, OP. ♡

  • Ender318


    I’ve never had a doctor that didn’t directly tell me everything I’ve been diagnosed with except for my thyroid problem because it didn’t act up until very recently and I was told about it then because I never really needed to know before that

  • Keoki


    Wow. That’s horrifying.

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