I'm having flashes of feeling like I'm gonna cry my chest gets tight and I feel overwhelmed. I want to tell my husband but I don't want to be a burden which makes it worse
Please help 😔

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  • msinger


    Open up to someone you trust, like your husband. Talking really does help

  • Syizo


    Your just overthinking hon he sign up for all of you when you too gotten married if you feel over whelmed go to a place where you think is most relaxing listen to music or drink a cup of tea remember he is there for you in sickness and in health

  • LadyBlkny


    And go ahead and cry. Crying is the body's way of processing difficult emotion. I don't like crying either, but it can help.

  • justabun


    I know how you feel! What helps me when I get overwhelmed and my chest gets tight is using the app called Breathwrk to calm down my body really, really good before I try to talk to anybody. It’s okay that you’re having these feelings! Calming your body will take away the urgency and hopefully some of the shame - and THEN I would say absolutely just try to neutrally state what’s going on with you to your husband and let him know a way he could help. Something like “I’m experiencing a lot of overwhelmingly sad feeling, and my chest is tight, just so you know. Do you think you could put on some music to pump us up a little?” Or whatever works. I know what it’s like to feel like a burden, but your loved ones want to help! Coming up with small things that would make you a little more comfortable might make it easier on you both.

  • ivylee


    you've gotta let it out eventually, either by choice or by accident! these kind of emotions don't really go away by being bottled up and ignored, they usually get worse that way. so find yourself a safe outlet, and let out as much as you can bear to. if anyone thinks less of you for it, they simply don't understand. everyone could probably use a massive emotional release these days.

  • BHC


    Tell ur husband he could be a big help. You are not a burden so don't say that lovely. I feel you there though. When I feel my chest get tight like that I focus on my breathing while looking at a dot. I have a sticker on my phone and headphones because I always have those so I suggest doing that.

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