I'm very scared about a particular skin issue, so I'm including great detail because this has become the focus of my life to diagnose this, now. Regarding strange sebaceous hyper-action, ingrown hairs from hell, and cancerous growths of fatty/connective tissue. Please drop anything in the comments you find relevant in any way ♡

⚠️Okay so my last copy of this post is glitched and the comments wont load for me NO MATTER WHAT I DO so I guess I'm reposting this 🙄🙄🙄 PLEASE re-comment if you did on the other one bc i cannot see them.⚠️

I'm also trying to incl. a story about the last dermatologist experience I had (typical here in NE) because it might be informative for some and validating for others. But the app wont allow me, so please DM if you want to read the story & I'll send it over in pieces that way.

I have discovered something worrying in my skin. I have always had issues with what i thought was "just" cystic acne since around 11. But I have always had issues with my eyelashes and even saw an apathetic dermatologist at 6 when they used to burn when they grew and I would absent-mindedly pull at them (i have since been dx ADHD-ASD at 33, so💁 Sensory sensitivities, hello)
The eyelash problem being: WAY TOO MANY, some grow kinked or backwards or into my skin or even grow out from the root and the tips bury into my skin somewhere else somehow... and the rows go all the way up my lid. They cross and grow over each other and get tangled and it drives me nuts.

I wasn't treated for acne (total neglect of health concerns through youth) and only recently have I discovered that the "stubborn whiteheads that never go away" seem to be either:

1) A keratin issue where, as I'm going to beat describe: the keratosis pilaris which normally just causes "regular ingrowns" all over my body actually forms deeper in the pore, usually somehow around or connected to the root bulb and filament, and is hard as glass or sand and 2-30x bigger than the root bulb. Face, neck, shoulders, thighs, rear, knees, knuckles, this happens everywhere these little sebaceous cysts.

Yes, I said 30x. Some of these have been as big as actual sesame seeds and sound like glass when my tweezers touch them. Some aren't near as hard, but squishy like gummy bears and elastic as the freakin day is long and weave through my skin like a blind hypodermic needle on a drunken stroll. Some of these have measured up to 1.5cm long after extraction. These must be extracted.

And no amount of BHA+SA/BP or "oil cleanses" is breaking this down nor preventing... much less slowing the cystic reaction that follows as my body attempts to fill with lymph and pus and strange keratinous scabby flakes to abcise this terrible growth with a sharp, coarse hair in in which grows every which way; often with a kink and sometimes in a corkscrew, right through my dermal layers and across veins and all other tissue such that when i remove them and the whole hair comes out, (yes i have extracted many,many of them over the years and validate with a 60x and photos) it's always surrounded by years-old translucent clear tissue (sometimes with what looks like a small vascular structure inside them?!) that looks exactly like a sebaceous plug that was given steroids and taken to its happy place, which does not stay tightly bound to anything except the hair shaft and the very depths of the pore from which the godforsaken hair grew. 🥵 That is to say, once firmly gripped in the right direction or once the overlying skin is freed, the things come right out with the only resistance being the "uncorking" from their respective pathogenetic pore with a momentary flush of blood.

These are *especially* prevalent in the corners of my eyes and over my actual eyelids, as well as in the skin of my eye hood beneath my brow. All this peach fuzz hair here alongside the inner of the bridge of my nose just grows sideways, ingrown, sometimes bobbing and weaving above and back below the surface of my skin, mostly horizontally but also randomly "spiderwebby" across my eyelid and into my temples, and my eyelashes do the same. Sometimes grow up my lid instead of out of my body into the air, and I won't notice for however long until it's itching or causing tension or torsion issues in my skin and i notice, or something scratches my paper EDS skin atop wherever it's weaving and kindof uncovers it. Then I tweeze them and fear for my vision as my skin cheese-grates while this keratin garrote peels backwards toward the stupid root pore it came from and I'm left looking like I got in a wreck for weeks after each removal.


2) A sebaceous filament which surrounds the hair follicle and bulb entirely (including the tip) and looks to have encased it in clear gelatin under scope, but then the (extremelyyyyy thick sebum??) continues to grow and worm any which random way through the nearby tissue under the top layer of skin for years until forcibly extracted in entireity. No peels or fsce washes seem to help.


3) Sebaceous hyperplasia

is this.... maybe not an EDS thing? Do i have both a connective tissue disorder AND a keratin/follicular disease?

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS)

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  • JGrammy


    In my opinion it’s all related to collagen. I have had the problems on my scalp also I have been told the white stuff that comes out is straight collagen



    Hm. Well, collagen is elastic, but the glass and sand-like growths in my sebaceous glands are most definitely not collagen. Those issues and my healing wound margins have to be keratin.



    And that doesn't at all explain my hair follicle issue nor my eyelashes growing backwards up underneath my skin. Hair is definitively keratin. The search continues...



    ...bueller? Is this place just chock-full of Gen-Zers or something? Why is the community so hesitant to bother reading posts that are longer than a twitter post?

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