uhm hi im awkward asf but uhm im not diagnosed with autism but it does run in my family kinda heavy i have like 8 fam members diagnosed and ive thought about it but recently i had a friend who is diagnosed send a autism trait list and outta like 75 traits i had like 30 or 40 traits after that i started to acknowledge these traits like stemming sensory issues and my chewing issue and others things my family just call dumb stupid or attention seeking but i was just wanting friends or ppl to talk to that might have similar issues

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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  • BevBug


    I have a similar situation. Really interesting sitting in a psych class and having The Realization. But don't worry, a lot of people with Autism go a majority of their lives undiagnosed and the only reason it seems like there are more people is because we're getting better at diagnosis. Unfortunately, still not all the way there. For example, like most neurodiversities, girls are harder to diagnose because the medical model is male. Unfortunately, the medical model for Autism is also a child so it's even harder for adults to get diagnosed

  • Vxmpire


    I see you too have the wombo quadruple combo. I have an opposite situation. I was diagnosed at like 4 but it was brushed off till I was 14 when I realised it myself after learning about autism in my life skills class for autism awareness week.

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