it feels like my parents supports only one half of me and that's me being trans. they don't support me being autistic and literally used to hold me down during meltdowns and think medical professionals can just give you a shot or pill or something to calm you down and it's terrifying. and my whole family also think I'm just a picky eater but they don't understand the fact that I have my safe foods and they don't know I'm struggling with an eating disorder. the thought of trying a new food makes me so anxious and nauseous and close to a panic attack because "what if I get Nauseous from eating this" or "what if it's really gross?" "what if I don't like it" and they just don't support me being autistic at all and have caused me so much trauma. it caused me to mask for several years and now that I'm 15 I have no idea who I am. and im really frustrated at them and idk what to do.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)


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  • TreePerson


    Have your doctors or therapists talked to them about it?

  • stormithegay


    @TreePerson no, I haven't really brought it up to medical professionals or anything. I have tried bringing it up myself but they usually shut it down or it causes an argument so.

  • AJK2000


    I just wanted to say I’m really sorry your family isn’t understanding of your autism and have just added trauma. I totally relate, as I have ASD as well and was only diagnosed really recently and my family doesn’t get it. They always make fun of me for being a picky eater too

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