has anyone ever been given a blood pressure medication for your Ranaud's Syndrome?


Raynaud's Syndrome


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  • Julz4me


    Yes nifedipine … I was on it for about a year .. it didn’t help very much.. Made me very tired my legs would swell ever so often so pretty nasty side effects… went to see a rheumatologist and he decided to change my medicine and put me on Viagra .. i’m 80% better hope the best for you!

  • Srechin


    Yeah, I take blood pressure drugs when it gets colder, but it makes me super lethargic and gives me awful headaches. But hey, at least my fingers won't fall off

  • DaynaBHB


    Yes it didnt help me much !

  • Rowanm77


    I am on Verapamil, a calcium channel blocker. It doesn't prevent the vasospasm of a Raynaud's attack but helps my fingers and toes recover much faster when they are warmed up

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