Is being very Empathetic a symptom of Adhd? I'm to a point where I can't watch Horror movies/true crime stuff as I empathize with the Victims and I start thinking this stuff is really happening in the world (murdered, tortured, kidnapped, raped...ect) and I get really down and emotional.

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  • Seanislavski


    💕 I have RSD and I think we can be emotionally sensitive

  • aura_xe


    I have autism and ADHD and I always thought that autistic people didn't feel empathy, but that never made sense to me since I have so much empathy, to the point that people would say I have too much (as a compliment). For example, if I were watching a movie with a scene where someone falls from a high place and dies, I'd picture that from the perspective of both the person who falls and the people who try to save them. Also, I clearly remember watching a vacuum commercial when I was little that had a scene with a man getting sucked into a vacuum with crappy CGI and I remember feeling bad for him too. It's not a burden for me, but it sure is interesting to think about it lol

    • SalineTurnip


      It definitely varies. I'm autistic and have almost no empathy for people. (But I do for animals and plants.) I used to when I was younger but after I stopped masking it went away.

  • Calypso_


    YEssss I totally feel this. If someone is describing a story to me of say how they broke their toe or bumped into something I feel vibrations of pain physically in my body and I cringe. I hate when others are in pain

  • Bridgette


    Oh yes I believe it kinda sucks but it's good to really care about people . People and even careers require that :) so just keeping being the emphatic

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