I feel like my friends are embarrassed to be seen with me. whenever we hangout they never post on socials, but when I'm not there they always post eachother. and when I'm there if they do post not in the photos, it's like they try to not have me in their photos. and it just makes me rlly upset bc it just makes me feel like I'm to ugly to be seen with them. bc they never ever post with me and they always always always post together + to make it worse I feel like they liked me better when I was skinner so ya

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Tictacs


    I can relate to this on too many levels. All I can really say is love yourself even if others don't love you for you. You will find people that truly care for you no matter what you look like, be it tomorrow or years from now. Don't change yourself for others no matter the temptation. I wish you luck with everything and I'm all ears if you ever need to talk 💙

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