Guys how I do stop persecutors from literally ruining my life??? is there any way to prevent someone from fronting?

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  • z0mbit3


    You can't prevent them, but you can love them because that's mostly what they need. Love. Treat them with the respect of any other alter and eventually they'll come around.

  • Syd.The.Space.Sloth


    i understand persecutors can be stressful and chaotic and annoying and upsetting, but from their (admittedly twisted) perspective, theyre just trying to help and keep the system space. i agree that what they need is love. patience. guidance. some time and to be taught that this is wrong and doing more harm than good and being given access to better options

  • Oddball_Philosopher


    I’ve been there before. They’re some of the worst. I had to move out of my apartment once because of a dog lady who spread rumors about me, bad enough for one of the neighbors to pulp a knife of me.

  • Danny420


    Those are persecutors, they may seem scary and mean but they are there for a reason. It makes it easier if you can relate on some level or learn to co exist. Once I accepted Dan my persecutor we came to an understanding of each other and I found out Dan had been havering a lot of pain. That's the best advice I can give but you can always message me about it. Dan might actually be able to give better advice.

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