Anyone with ADHD looking into an Autism diagnosis?


Attention-Deficit Disorder

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  • pricklypear


    i’ve thought about it. i have a lot of overstimulation and texture issues!

  • Maya12


    I’ve definitely been looking into it because I have huge issues with sensory problems

  • cassislame


    I’ve thought about it but just I’m unsure of how a diagnosis would affect my treatment, you know?

  • 000xta


    You should take the RAAD-S test, it helped me see what symptoms were actually ASD and not ADHD so I could treat them right

  • Tybersaur


    I actually just got diagnosed with ASD a few weeks ago, my therapist sent me to get tested because of all my sensory issues and problems with emotions and facial expressions and turns out i just had them both comorbidly

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